Quiche: part three in a series: “While Katie is at camp”

I have a sassy red pareo with black polka dots that I wear to and from the pool to allow me some modesty and to keep others from having to see me waddle up the multiple flights of stairs in just my swimsuit. When I got to my room after swimming today, I knew that I would soon be returning to the pool, so I didn’t want to get dressed. I also didn’t want to sit on the furniture in my damp suit, so the logical plan was to remove wet suit and keep wearing the pareo which was firmly knotted above my breasts. I commenced making a quiche which would be able to feed me for many meals in the next few days. The eggy filling spilled over in the oven and began to stink. It wasn’t bothering me, as I knew it was just a small amount and I could easily clean up the mess afterwards by removing the foil that was lining the oven floor. The smoke alarm was more worried about the smoke than I was and started screeching like a banshee. I hopped up, eyes searching the ceiling and walls, trying to locate the source of the piercing squeal. Since I couldn’t find it I decided to open the door with the hope of the fresh air silencing the alarm. I had to answer the phone due to an important call, yet I followed the noise into the bedroom and there I found the culprit above the head of the bed. I grabbed my baby doll nightie as I clambered upon the mattress. The screeching continued while I tried to talk over the noise. It was then that I caught my reflection in the full length mirror and worried that the proprietor would walk in my open door and find the crazy lady with wild, wet, gray curls flying around her head that is pressed against a cell phone that she is shouting in as she frantically waves her nightie around and tries to keep her balance on the bouncy bed…….oh, yeah, I almost forgot…..half-naked!

Really. I don’t think there is much else to say.Image


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