Dispatch column 5: Prospect

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My exciting adventure as guest columnist is at the half way point. Five more to go.


2 thoughts on “Dispatch column 5: Prospect

  1. Oh Anne, I had no idea there were ever bears at Prospect! Or swords? What wonderful memories.💕
    Our family primarly used Stephens Park because of the proximity, but we did use Prospect for a few bigger get togethers.
    My most vivid memory of Prospect is of my 1st concussion from an ice skating incident. It never deterred my love of ice skating though!
    Once again my friend, I was lost in your writing & hated when it was done!

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    • Oh no, Mary!! Were you at the end of a crack the whip line? People were always flying off of that. I’m glad Jacob mentioned the swords, I had forgotten about that. We spent a lot of Sunday afternoons at Stephens for Challenger Baseball. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate hearing other’s memories.


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