Me, at 53……and other life tidbits

just keep swimming 018 edit  52 doneTurning 53 brought to an end my 52 photos in 52 weeks project. My life motto has always been, “after all, tomorrow is another day” and I still rely on that to get me through each day, but the time period surrounding my 52 in 52 has given me another life motto. Starting this project the beginning of the year I was to turn 52 but not finishing it until I was no longer 52 gave me 88 weeks. It was an ambitious idea to think that I would take and post one photo of myself per week and I fell short of that, but that is okay because I must have needed the extra 36 weeks to fully learn all that I needed to with this project. One of my goals was to be gentler and kinder to myself. To treat myself with the same grace that I treat others. That is a lesson not fully learned, but certainly developing. It is ridiculous to think that anyone could live up to the high expectations I hold myself accountable to, so my shortcomings are not as much of a drastic failure as I always led myself to believe. They are more along the lines of a person being fully human living moment to moment the best way she knows how during any given moment. Any given moment is an important thought. Any given moment can change one’s attitude. Any given moment can change one’s perspective. Any given moment can change one’s heart. Any given moment can change the world. If we choose. If we choose to live each moment to the best of our ability, to live it fully, we will have full, rich, passionate lives filled with emotion. In my opinion life void of emotion is void of passion and life void of passion is not living at all. Celebrate, embrace, experience emotion. Breathe during the agony, grief, heartache, sorrow, depression, loneliness, defeat, confusion; breathe in, breathe out and it is another moment, another day. Smile through the joy, happiness, contentment, pleasure, love, friendship, snuggles, giggles, snort causing laughter. Feel the emotion, experience the passion, live a life worth living.
During these 88 weeks I have learned that I am incredibly brave and strong. Two words I never would have had on my list of adjectives describing me. One of the most exciting compliments I have ever had was one night in the pool another swimmer called me relentless, ME, relentless! I love that and am still in awe. I was trying to explain to a friend what it is like for a non-moving person such as my former self to become a moving person. The best way is to say that you keep going, if you don’t stop you keep going and the more you keep going the farther you get. If I have 10 laps done and I take one more stroke I am starting another 10 laps. Once started, just keep going. This is true with everything, not just swimming. It is true with breathing, with living. It is a way of life that is my new motto. It is best stated by dear Dory…..”just keep swimming”

9 thoughts on “Me, at 53……and other life tidbits

    • Deb, yay! I am so happy you love this. Stay tuned for more stories as I better understand the ins ands outs of the blog site world. Thank you for coming to read and for commenting. It is exciting. Anne


    • Cindi Sparkman….I am going to reread this many times, thank you….and to you I need to quote E.B. White~”It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer”, so excited for you!


  1. Anne, you are wonderful, I love the days when you are working at BHAEC, seeing your smile and watching the way you work with such love and compassion for all of the students is a true joy. Katie is an awesome young lady, and I know that her sweet disposition and sense of humor come from you.


    • Deb, thank you. You know I could mirror those words right back to you and they would fit perfectly about YOUR work with the students! Your competence and willingness makes my job easier.


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